terça-feira, julho 05, 2005

Happy birthday America the beautifull, I love you

Música para a festa de anos da América e para os seus convidados do G8


your head’s too big
because America
your belly’s too big
and I love you
I just wish you’d stay where you is
in America
the land of the Free, they say
and of opportunity
in a Just and a Truthful way
but where the President is never black, female or gay
and until that day
you’ve got nothing to say to me
to help me believe
in America
it brought you the hamburger
well America
you know where you can shove your hamburger
and don’t you wonder
why in Estonia they say
"hey you, you big fat pig"
"you fat pig"
"you fat pig" - ?

Steely-blue eyes
with no love in them
scan the world
and a humourless smile with no warmth within
greets the world
and I
I have got nothing
to offer you
just this hearth deep and true
which you say you don’t need

See with your eyes
touch with your hands – please
know in your soul
hear through your hears – please
for haven’t you me with you now?
and I love you
I love you
I love you

Musica escrita por Morrissey - Whyte
no Album Morrissey, you are the Quarry

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E agora um poema do Alan Ginsberg e um café, se faz favor...

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